In April 2001, we started a non profit organisation name “SXM LINK FOUNDATION“. with the purpose of uniting St. Maarten college students in Florida. Soon after other St. Maarten college students showed interested in other states and we are looking to form other chapters soon in areas, such as Rhode Island, Canada and much more. Then sxm link website and sxm students chat room came alive worldwide. The plan was to start a full database so sxm college student could find each other worldwide.

Many miss the soca tunes, the beaches, cooling out on front street, zouk clubs, Johnny cake with salt fish and much more things, that cannot be found any where in the world in a wonderful combination by on the st.maarten soil. Sxm link event will do it’s best, to bring the feeling to your home away form home.

“Size does not count, 37 square miles and taking over.”

Once SxmLink crew began to do many events in south florida, it was noticed that we gathered great support from persons from other leeward eastern caribbean islands, such as Virgin Islands, Antigua, St.kitts, Dominica, Anguilla, St. Eustatius , Aruba, Tortola, Montserrat, and more. So the website was then changed into smallislandmassive.com with main focus on culture, events and music worldwide, for persons from the smaller caribbean islands that usually get ignored.

During this time there was limited caribbean website on the now booming internet. so our website one of the main hubs to find caribbean music and events from all caribbean islands worldwide. We also begin to post pictures after events showing the success of the event persons enjoying the events.

In August 2005 STANY BENOIT link with Livesoca in holland by LENNOX GRANT, and started a online radio station with live djs. In miami we had The Stanman & Dj Sherif and in holland we had lennox and countryman. streaming very often, many days of the week, some shows was almost 12 hours long, never repeating a song. and showing the versitialy of st.maarten djs to play any gender style of music.

In January 2006 we official named the station LARGE RADIO with a full high event full interactive chatroom uniting caribbean people from around the world. Then in corporating more djs who share the same goal to showcase small island culture to the world. Djs like dj choice-one, dj marshall, dj soso, mac10, dj kevy-kev, dj 62, dj bikeman, exclusive vibes, SIK crew, dj antz, dutty egg, dj unkown, dj spicee, dj smokey, dj richy-d, magnum force, dj jada, also our UK chapter, dj ratty, dj tate, dj platinum, dj digga-d, dj shaker.

LARGERADIO.com is now known worldwide for the release of major hit song from the small caribbean bands and artists.

over the years with the increase of mobile phone usage, a more social media era and many djs finishing college, and traveling more often, In 2015 we created the MORETHAN4 CREW. focus on spreading the caribbean culture to all corners of the world. With dedicated fans to support and help in many ways to make this mission a reality.

We have recently relaunch smallislandmassive.com to become a small island music archive. A place where we can store the history and biography of our caribbean bands and artists.

Smallislandmassive.com is still the home for the real caribbean entertainment cause we know that there are more than 4 islands in the caribbean and each one makes great music.

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