From an island that has produced some of the brightest stars in the music industry in the Caribbean, Laurena Davis have claimed her spot amongst the very best of them, as she takes a meteoric like journey into Soca fame.
Born on November 7th, this Talented and Beautiful Antiguan Sensation is the Lead Singer of LAURENA DAVIS & TKO. Laurena Davis is an extremely powerful versatile Vocalist, who is standing ready on the launch pad of success, destined to take her to new musical heights through her exceptional talent.
As most singers, Laurena’s gift was first recognized in the Church at a very tender age, where she was a member of various Choirs and Music Groups.
She was eager to explore through music and she showcased her talents as a soloist by taking the leading role in popular bands in the Hotel Industry in Antigua. Of course, it didn’t stop there and musical paths were crossed with some of the best known talents in the Music Industry such as Jah Cure, Mya, Biggie Irie, Edwin Yearwood, Kevin Lyttle, Skinny Fabulous, Peter Ram and other Antiguan talented artistes of whom she shared the stage with. Her motivation and drive grew with the experience of working with some of the people she admired and her determination deepened to find her own place among the stars.
Laurena joined the “TONIK BAND” in November 2009. Being (NEW) on the scene she did the unthinkable by entering Antigua’s LIME Party Monarch Competition the following Year. She came with a bang and was a finalist in both the Groovy and Up-Tempo Categories, ranking in the top 5 with her first Groovy hit ‘BABY’ written by Craig Christopher and Produced by Dalton Dyer along with her up-tempo ‘READY NOW’ written by Laurena herself.

She was an immediate hit!
Opportunities opened, and in September of that same year, Laurena travelled to Charleston, South Carolina, where she performed at the Moja Arts Festival. From South Carolina, bigger things awaited. It was over to Miami in October, for the Miami Carnival Celebrations. While in Miami, Laurena starred in her first video that was filmed for her hit song ‘BABY’ done by Norje’ Productions and FullWerks. The video made it to the top of the charts for the Caribbean Count Down on Tempo Networks and other Entertainment Networks that year.
The following year in 2011, Laurena Davis once again qualified for the finals in both the groovy and jumpy segments of Antigua’s party monarch. Her 2011 groovy hit SWEET BWOY written once again by Craig Christopher and TERRIBLE written by Laurena herself with both songs produced by Dalton Dyer.


In 2012 Laurena continued her run of consistency.
It was also a new beginning, as her band, previously Tonik Band re-energised and re-branded into Laurena Davis & TKO.
Laurena Davis & TKO then went off on tour to the United States right after Antigua’s Carnival celebrations, to participate at the Caribbean Splash Down – Labor Day celebrations, held at the Marcus Garvey Park and the Virgin Islands Day Celebrations at Jackie Robinson in New York and other shows. They were then booked for the 25th Anniversary of Miami’s Carnival, where the Band also represented Antigua & Barbuda on numerous shows in Florida. The impression was lasting as she stamped her mark at every opportunity that TKO took the stage.


Apart from Being an Entertainer, Laurena’s first profession is being a Proud Mother of a (19) year old Son.
Laurena also has a very deep interest in the youths of Antigua & Barbuda. Guiding principles in her life are grounded in the Motto’s from her Primary and Secondary School days with the Foundation Mixed School and the Ottos Comprehensive Secondary “Nothing But The Best Is Good Enough” and “Success Through Perseverance.”
In 2011, she teamed up with the “Mega Youth Foundation” of St. Eustatius and visited the Secondary Schools to give motivational talks on Education, Life Skills, Positive Values and more. While there, she joined in a collaboration on a reggae single entitled “Head Above Waters”which was dedicated to the Youths. Upon her return she saw the need to motivate the youths of Antigua & Barbuda and visited the Primary and Secondary Schools around the island with the Foundation.

From 2010 when she came on the scene to present, Laurena Davis have displayed her Consistency by Continuously Advancing to the finals in both categories each year for the LIME Party Monarch Competition. With hits such as Baby, Sweet Bwoy, Music is Life, Mas, Keep on Rolling, Bad Influence, No Restrictions, Misbehaving, Lo-Lo and so many others are indeed The Favs of the Fans & Music Lovers. Annually, she’s been touring throughout the UK, and also representing Antigua & Barbuda in New York City, Miami, Houston Texas, South Carolina, Los Angeles (Just to name a few) and throughout the Caribbean each year.
Presently, the TKO Team are in the Production stages of Music and Video Productions for 2020 releases.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS – (Laurena’s Words)

I’m very Thankful & Humbled with my accomplishments thus far. I owe it all to the Almighty for Blessing me & also my Team with our individual Talents. Being A Mother, An Artiste, A Lover of Life & Music, I’m looking forward to the future in glee. There’s a lot of work ahead and with total dedication, commitment and a team that continues to dedicate their time, patience and resources to my God-Given Talent, also my Family, Fans & Supporters who continues to motivate me, I know the success we are striving for is not too far off and you can be sure that the name LAURENA DAVIS & TKO is definitely destined to make a Mark Around the World!!!




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