In 1988, Wendell Parris formed The Violators, a band with his son and other young relatives, along with other young people from Frederiksted. The members of the band changed in the years that followed, and by 1997, The Violators consisted of five members: Al Baptiste, Jr. on keyboards, Sean Stevens on guitar, Toby Derima on drums, Tony Soto on vocals, and “Junie” Willock on bass. This formed the basis of the group V.I.O. International.

As The Violators, the band was already making an impact on the V.I. music scene. Vio, as the band was commonly called, had already won the Crucian Festival Road March Title in 1993 with “Blow Your Whistle” (with Baptiste and Stevens in the group), in 1994 with “Bend Back” (with Baptiste, Stevens and Derima in the group), in 1995 with “Fever” and 1996 with “Hands Up” (with Baptiste, Stevens, Derima and Soto in the group), and in 1997 with “Houla” (with all five aforementioned members in the group at this point), along with the Tortola Road March title in 1996 with “Jungle.”

After a dispute, the members of the band decided to part ways with the band’s management and form V.I.O. International. V.I.O. was an acronym that stood for Virgin Islands Onstage. The band went on to collect more Crucian Road March titles as V.I.O. International; in 1999 with “Bend Down,” in 2000 with “Bounce To De Ounce,” and in 2001 with “Cumbaya.”




Al “Daddy Jones” Baptiste, Jr. – Keyboards, Rhythm Programming
Tony “Mac Daddy” Soto – Vocals
Sean “I-Shondy” Stevens – Guitar, vocals
Toby “Dee” Derima – Vocals
Henry “Junie” Willock, Jr. – Bass