Started as an idea, back in 2005 by Nick McKenzie, Lauriel Francis, Paul Roberts and Iaryn (Swanks) Williams. The Stylee Band was created, based and grounded at the St. Croix Central High School! Stylee Band released a single by the name of “BACK BACK”, which ended up becoming their first hit song. A few years later, the original member grew apart and 2009-2010 the original Stylee Band broke up! Left alone, Swanks and Mr. B (manager from 2006-Present) went on a search to find new talent, so that the band could continue their journey. During the search, they found a talented vocalist, who at the time was the Best High School Basketball Player On The Island Of St. Croix. His name is Kyle (KYLO) Sylvester. They also picked up a young Bassist by the name of Charles (Pollo) Goodings Jr., who still currently the Bassist. Lastly, Mr. b and Swanks went on to find Jelonn (Mango Man) James, a young drummer who is currently one of the BEST drummers the Virgin Islands has to offer. After completing the search, the band started practicing immediately. In due time, Stylee Band was indeed ready to get back in the game.

With the changes made, this became a totally different group, with a different sound and a different chemistry. The soon release a single in 2012 called “Pick It Up”, which they used as their Foundation. “Pick It Up” opened many doors and became Stylee Bands first CLASSIC! The Song was that good. Simple and Straight to the point, “Pick It Up” was the people choice. After that year of success, Stylee Band decided it was time for another change. In Early 2013, they group of young men decided they wanted Kylo, the lead vocalist, to be the face. They then change their name to “Kylo & Stylee Band” aka KSB. With the name change, Kylo was able to become visible to different promoters and people. It created opportunities for them to reach places that the entire band band might not have reached because of numbers. That change was the best move they made. From then to now, KSB has become one of the Hottest, most successful Virgin Island Bands and Kylo has become one the Virgin Islands best Entertainers. KSB has earned respect by many and is ranked amongst the best coming out of the Virgin Islands. Still coming hard, KSB is now in the process of completing their 3rd Album as KSB “Kylo & Stylee Band” entitled “Most Wanted”. The Album will consist of 13 Tracks, with already known hits like “Spread It” “Di Bend” “Rolex” and “Carnival Aroma”. Adding to that list will be tracks called ‘Worse Behavio”, “Jam Posse”, “G.P.I.B” aka Gwan Push It Back, “Renty” and many more. Including a jam track Called “Get Down With The Beat”, Lasting About 10min long.

The Album is scheduled to be released on Dec 13th, 2014, on iTunes and Locally.




Kylo (Lead Vocalist)
Swanks (Riddim Programmer/Keyboard Man/Vocalist)
Mango Man (Drummer)
Pollo (Bassist)
Mr. B (Management)
Karlo (Engineer)
The Virgin Islands (Fans/Party Animals)


For Bookings Please Contact: (305)773-4444 (Swanks) or (340)626-3321 (Mr. B)
Email: or