Pantha Vibes is the brainchild of Lanvol ‘Pantha’ Hughes. Starting as a backup singer in 1990 to the Mussington Brothers, Pantha quickly moved up to be featured in the band with his powerful voice and magnetic persona. After his long time friend Dexter ‘Snaggy’ Mussington died, he moved on to Veto Band which was changed to Better Band where he became the lead singer. He won many road march championships and was a draw whereever he went.

He left the band and when word came to the Jam Band of the USVI that he was a ‘free agent’, they quickly came calling. He joined the Jam Band and quickly took over as the lead singer after the passing of their long time lead singer and backbone of the band, Nick Friday. With the accolades came lots of as he would call them, haters but his legion of fans by now had expanded from the British and US Virgin Islands, to Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, New York and his home of Anguilla.

After leaving the Jam Band 4 years ago to start his own band with long time friend and top bass player, Bassie Smith many thought he was making a mistake. He came out with a modest first album in 2006 calling for social unity a theme, he has commonly used in his 3 subsequent albums.

Last year, 2008 was his crowning acheivement. He garnered Band of the year, Band clash champion, road march champion and the same could have been said of 2009 where he was the largest drawer of crowds and the most request


– Pantha



Lanvol ” Pantha ” Hughes – Band Leader/Lead VocalistShereena ” Shea Shea ” Richardson – Vocals

Alwyn ” Daddy Jones ” Baptiste – Drum Machine / Keyboards / Producer
Tafari ” Taf ” Francis – Bass Guitar
Desmond Mussington – Drums

Raphael Evans – Band Manager / Director Operations / Bookings
O’leary Richardson – Marketing / Bookings

Bookings and Information :
Contact :264-476-3081/0081/0557

Sound Crew
Ewart ” Trump ” Warner