Da BiG-BaD XP is a diverse, multi-cultural, mutli-talented group of experienced musicians and artists known for their diversity and musical inclination.

Da BiG BaD XP was formed by MixX!E and keyboards, drum machine, arranger Desmond “Daddy Dez” Cane. The duo saw and felt the need for a new creation that would assist in elevating and maintaining the level of musicianship, professionalism, showmanship and love of culture, craft, people and music that St. Maarten/St. Martin has been known for. It is an all-around show band that provides “X-hilarating, X-citing X-ceptional and X-treme P-erformances.” Its energetic front line consists of crowd favourites Dwayne “DwayneE” York and Allencio “Ciio” Felix, who bring energy, showmanship and vocal power. Backing this hard core duo are stick-twirling Fred York on drums, the six string assassins Marvin “SFM” Rodney and Ali “Sweet Frenchie” Burnett on the guitars; the smooth operating Daddy Dez with pulsating riddims and sensual keyboards; soldiers Yves Maccow, Glen “Sassa” Hazel and Steve Brown manning the horn section, KraZ!E wig-wearing MixX!E on the bass guitar and Earl “Churchie” York, “whose ear needs no Q-tips,” ensuring pristine sounds.

MixX!E, who says his job is the best in the world, had a message for the band’s fans. “Always put God first and everything will fall into place. Hard work and dedication, while remaining humble, grateful, thankful and respectful, will always conquer all else. We… humbly thank each and every one of you for always standing firm with us on our journey as many times we have felt the road get hard and the words of encouragement, prayers and displays of love have pulled us through some of the roughest times. We love and appreciate each and every one of you from the top, bottom and four corners of our hearts because, without God and you all, there would be no us.”

The band has performed alongside and opened for top notch performers such as Destra, Edwin Yearwood, Alison Hinds, Onyan, Carimi, Third World, Kassav, WCK, Small AxE Band, Grandmasters Band, Triple K, Respeck Band, Xplosion Band, Red Eye Crew, Rick Ross, French Montana, Youth Waves, Burning Flames and JamBand amongst others.

“It is also our aim to raise the level of our performance, musicianship, showmanship, quality of our music and the marketing of not only ourselves, but also of the island and culture. By accomplishing this, we will have an easier path to the international music scene and market as pioneers of St. Maarten/St. Martin music.”



2016 St. Maarten Carnival “Band Clash Champions”

2017 St. Maarten Carnival “Band Clash Champions”

2017 St. Maarten Carnival “Band of the Year”

2017 Culture Time Awards “Band of the Year”

2018 St. Maarten Carnival “Band Clash Champions”

2018 Culture Time Awards “Band of the Year”



Darnel “MixX!E” York->Founder, Band-Leader, Bassist, Production Specialist

Dwayne “Dwaynee” York-> Lead Vocalist/Composer

Marvin “SFM-Coxx” Rodney-> Lead- Guitar

Alvarado “Sweet-Frenchie” Burnett -> Lead- Guitar

Aldric “Dr Fire” Benjamin-> Keyboards/Drum-Machines

Fred York->Drums/Percussion

Earl “Churchie” York-> Audio-Engineer


Get in touch with the band at mixxiemuzik@gmail.comsosradio95.9@gmail.com; +590 690 22-5795, 554-8430, 522-4809 or check them out on Instagram: dabigbadxp; Facebook: xpbandsxm, Soundcloud: xpband and YouTube: dabigbadxp.