Grandmasters, was founded in 1986 by Wingrove Hicks Williams and Kelvin Lennon. Since then Grandmasters, has been the driving force behind the music of St. kitts earning them many praises at home and abroad. Grandmasters, holds the 1998 & 1999 back to back road march titles, Also 2007, 2008 & 2009 consecutively. The eight member band, has toured the United states, and Europe extensively. During their 1999 tour Grandmasters had the pleasure of performing in New York City, Miami, Connecticut; Berminham and Leeds in England. Over The Years Grand Masters has owned people all over the world attention with their hot tracks and albums, They are now the road march champs for carnival 2009-10 and are now increasing their fan base. Grand Masters Band is now known as the hottest band in St.Kitts, Nevis and the wider world according to the people and behind their wonderful singing is great performance which is highly talked about…Grand Masters!! THE UNDISPUTED BEST!!


– Grand Masters Band



Wingrove Williams-(Hicks) – Band Manager/Trumpeter
Aleks R Condell – (Saxie) – Saxophonist/Engineer
Glenroy Hanley-(Crocks)-Engineer
Raimon Browne – (Smiley) – Lead Vocals/ Band Leader
Casim Pemberton – (Rucas) – Vocals
Raynold Benjamin – (David House) – Keyboardist/Riddim
Stickle Bennett – (Stickle) – Bass
Curtley Hodge – (Shabo) – Guitar
Travis Johnson- (Sancka)- Drums


Junie Brazier – (Manager) – Engineer/ Technician
Julian Bractus – (Bractus) – Technician/Engineer
Devon Norford – (Bunny) – Road Man
Devon Hazel – (Devon) – Road Man

Contact & Bookings

Contact and Bookings: Wingrove Hicks Williams ( ) 1-869-662-1101, 1-869-466-1101…Wingrove Hicks Williams