From a group of young students with a passion for music, Rebels Band is now known to be the number one international soca band coming out of in St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, winning the Road March title 9 times since coming on the scene in 1996.

The Early Days

What started in 1996 as a family group of young ambitious teenagers soon became branded as the “The Rebels Youth Band”. Although they were just students at the time, the group really took their music to heart. Rebels Band took the stage by storm when their lead singer ’Private’ became Road March King with his massive release “Statia on fire”, which dominated the streets – a hit that had both old and young on their feet.

Eventually the group had to separate (temporarily) to go abroad to further their studies, but not before leaving behind their debut album “We Gone Beyond”, released in 1999.

While the guys were focusing on school, their debut album continued to rule the airways with popular tracks such as: “Statia On Fire”, “Rag Time”, “Boat Ride”, “Nice Gyal”, “Forever” and much more.

During school breaks, the Rebels frequently returned home and left an album behind for people to enjoy, solidifying their place as the carnival favorites.

The Reformat

In 2001, Rebels Band co-founder & manager, Daddy Wayne, reformatted the group and focused on getting the band more structured. That year the band took home their second Road March title with their song entitled: ‘’Ton Ton”.

In 2004 the Rebels band was nominated for Best Band at Lord Gene Music Awards in St.Eustatius,Dutch Caribbean.


From 2006 right up to 2010 the band became more and more popular for their style and presence. They won their first Band O’Rama championship in 2006, but they didnt stop there. They won the Band O’Rama championship 5 years consecutively right up until 2011!

Additionally, in 2007 they won the Road March title once again with the release of “Summer Fest Gym”. They also won the prize of Best Band Performance and Best Individual Artist in 2009.

Rebels Band High-Definition

In 2010 the band began exploring the international music scene, sharing the stage with and earning respect from soca veterans throughout the Caribbean, such as: Machel Montano, Alison Hinds, Onyan and 3 Cylinder, Jam Band, Triple Kay – just to name a few.

This international exposure also marked the new era for Rebels band as an international band, and as a result they changed their name to Rebels Band High-Definition!
This international exposure and experience also influenced the sound of the Rebels Band. With this new sound they continued capturing the ears of their fans with new songs and latest releases such as “Horsie”, “How Can I”, “Run”, “All I am living for”, “Summer Fest Gym” “Wukking Up” and much more.


After being crowned 2011 Road March Kings, with the untouchable song ‘’Rage’’, Rebels Band dropped their 2011 album also entitled ‘’Rage” with other hit songs such as: “Must be Dreaming’’ and ‘’Bicycle’’.

The Rebels band went on to win the Road march title for 4 years in a row from 2011 up until 2014.

In 2012 the hit ‘Mummy’ mummified the audience. In 2013 they took their talent out of space and brought the ‘Alien’ to win the Road march again. And in 2014 they turned up the heat with the ‘Taliban’ to win the Road march title once again!

With their innovative styles and dynamic concepts, the Rebels band definitely has earned their spot as one of the best soca bands in the region!

About Rebels Band

Rebels Band is definitely the band for your event. Today Rebels Band is one of the highest demanded bands on Statia and abroad. With the dynamic energy from lead singers ’Face’ & ‘Showtime’ the group has managed to become the frontrunners of some major international events.

With their versatile soca style, Statia’s best performing band can be spotted on many stage shows and parties representing their island internationally; throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

Social responsibility

Even after earning the status as an international band, they have never forgotten their beginnings as a youth band over 10 years ago. Rebels band is widely respected in their local community as a socially responsible band for giving back to their community in various forms. Because of their success and what they have achieved so far, the Rebels Band stands as a symbol of inspiration to many youths, especially in their community. The message they bring over to the youths is the belief that ‘once you put your mind to it you too can make it’. And they are definitely a living testimony to that.

Rebels Band will continue to provide their fans with a dynamic performance, energetic music and shows, and you can spot them at an event near you!

For more info please stay updated with the Rebels band via Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube or via the website;

Road March Titles:

1999 – Statia on Fire

2001 – Ton Ton

2007 – Summer Fest Gym

2011 – Rage

2012 – Mummy

2013 – Alien

2014 – Taliban

2016 – Carnival Instructor

2019 – Selfie

Additional Achievements And awards

2004 – Nominated for Best Band at Lord Gene Music Awards

2006 – 2011 Band O Rama Champions

2009 – Best individual performance & Best Band Performance

Their music can also be found on all major streaming platforms!

“winning the Road March title 9 times since coming on the scene in 1996. ”

– Rebels Band HD

Band Members

Wayne Spanner a.k.a Daddy Wayne|Key Boards/Rhythm Composer/Vocals
Ortix Schmidt a.k.a Face Lead Vocals/Rhythm Composer Vocals
Maldwyn Timber a.k.a TIMBERNATOR Bass Guitar
Clyde Spanner a.k.a CaboLead Guitar
Junior Courtar a.k.a Problem|Drums
Genillio Hassell a.k.a Showtime Lead Vocals

Road Crew;
Michael Spanner a.k.a Mikey Engineer
Russildo Spanner aka Teeth Engineer
Rashid Spanner
Nicholas Sadasey | Camera Man

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