With over 29 years of musical experience, the Awesome Jam Band is one of the Caribbean’s top musical groups. The band has set many trends and milestones over their long musical tenure throughout the Caribbean & internationally. To experience the Awesome Jam Band’s music is to experience a musical powerhouse in full effect.

When Jam Band debuted onto the musical scene on Rock City- St. Thomas, they came with fire and claimed Road March titles year after year. With a constant flow of hits, Jam Band became one of the most anticipated bands ever to play anywhere. The Awesome Jam Band always leave their mark and are highly respected wherever they play. Jam band attained a level of mastery in producing Road March tunes that quite possibly will forever remain unmatched around the globe. In a 29-year period, The Awesome Jam Band captured the Road March crown an unprecedented 20 times. Few band’s have the ability to consistently produce hit records annually, the Awesome Jam Band, without a pause for two decades has done so.

The roots of the Awesome Jam Band were sown in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands back in 1979. JAMBAND, formerly known as “Eddie and the Movements,” consisted of 12 members which included the musicians, vocalists, sound engineers and stage crew. Jam Band started out by performing for local gigs, providing calypso entertainment for club dances, receptions, parties, and more importantly, participated in the annual local celebration of Carnival.

From its’ inception, the band’s main focus was that of a natural dedication to entertaining all types of crowds, and “giving the people what they want.” The band members possess the talent to produce mystical melodies and lyrics that bring alive any crowd and has continued to cultivate and distribute this quality throughout the years.

Since then, due to their proficient manner and eclectic musical talent, the members of Jam Band have managed to evolve into a group of international entertainers loved by many other cultures around the world. The band not only performs locally but also for many annual celebrations in the United States, such as New York on Labor Day; Miami at annual Carnivals and parades; Atlanta for their Peachtree Carnival Celebration; and Boston for their Caribbean Carnival. They also perform throughout the Caribbean region.

The Jam Band has been the undisputed Kings of the Road in the Virgin Islands. Throughout the entire Caribbean region, no other band has acclaimed the feat of winning the coveted Roach March title 20 times! The Jam Band have done this, reigning supreme at the pinnacle of their musical powers.

Backed by the core, the now departed Nick ‘Daddy’ Friday & trumpeter/arranger Ambrose “Boots” Schmidt, Jam Band has produced songs that fans have created special dances to, to accompany the Road march jams.
The Awesome Jam Band has also provided musical support and background for famous calypsonians such as The Mighty Arrow, King Obstinate, Jaunty, The Mighty Pat, Lion, and many more.

The Jam Band has had its own songs recorded and available to the general public for many years, producing an album every year. They are well known for their songs such as “Horse Chip,” “Backbone,” “Man Terrible,” “Showtime,” and “Throw Back Batty, “Legal”, to name a few.

If you are new to our music, then welcome to the Jam Band experience. If you have been a fan for years then you know that whenever Jam Band plays – It will be mass & splendour!

The Awesome Jamband

– Daddy Friday


Ambrose “Boots” Schmidt- 1st & 2nd Trumpet/ Keyboards/ Background Vocals/ Manager

Leonard “Lenny Drummy” Monsanto – Drum/ Assistant Manager

Urbane “Urban” Chinnery – 1st & 2nd Trombone

Jeavon “Uncle Sas” Sasso – Lead Vocalist

Michael “Mic Love” Stephens – Lead Vocalist/ Background Vocals

Jerry “Bouncer” Innes – Bass Guitar

Le’Ron “Stretch” Lake – Keyboards/ Drum Machines

Maxwell “Max” George – Guitar

Tooths – Road Crew

Contact & Bookings

Boots (340) 776-3025- (340) 998-7312/ Lenny (340) 642-1203