Formerly named “Foreign Youth”, as most of the members are descendants of Dominica, but currently residing in St. Maarten, this band practiced night after night until they got their first play-out on the French side of the island on “Bastille Day- July 14th 1990. Since 1990, X-plosion fever has hit St. Maarten and the world.

In 1997, they presented the world with their self produced album “ Pirates” which was an acclaimed success on their tiny island, the region and abroad. The release of their 1998 album “Dirty Flex” with tracks like “Hornin, Lollipop, One Foot, Mama Bouyon, and many more have really made them rise. The album was a huge success and sold throughout the world namely Miami,New York, Europe, especially Belgium and received numerous nominations for various awards. The song Hornin made the top of the charts in some of the islands in the Caribbean, including being in the top ten in Trinidad; and also hit the number position on charts in the U.K; #1 on the Caribbena Soca Charts in New York.

Their styles are unique and will leave you wanting for more. X-plosion has won the highly coveted title “Band of the Year” in St. Maarten carnival for six (6) consecutive years “back-to-back”, beginning 1997 and including 2002. The band did not participate in any competition for the following years, but only played to please their fans. The band placed 3rd in the Trinidad Soca Monarch competition in 1998, which was regarded as a major achievement.

The band has been honored in representing the island of St. Maarten in numerous festivals and carnival activities such as the Antillean and Arubian Cultural Affairs Association of New York Festival, Labor Day and Independence Day Celebrations in New York, St. Eustatius and Saba Carnival, St. Bartholomew – Fete de la Muzik, Anguilla Summer Festival, and Trinidad Carnival – where they played for a troop on the road.

X-plosion has been privileged to be the opening acts for various artists and bands of the Caribbean and international caliber; such as Square One, Krossfyah – out of Barbados, WCK, Partners in Crime, Imprumptu, The First Serenade Band, Jeff Joseph and many more out of Dominica. Onyan, Burning Flames, ELA Kru from Antigua, New Vybes and Grand Masters out of St. Kitts, Blue Ventures, Atlantik, Traffic, Roy Cape all Stars, and Xtatic out of Trinidad. Visage from the Bahamas, and Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires out of Jamaica. Parking-lot jam with Jam Band (St. Thomas). They have also performed with bands out of Curacao and Aruba which plays mainly Latin music.

X-plosion band has also performed alongside soca greats such as Super P out of Grenada, Kevin Little and Poser out of St. Vincent, Iwer George and Naya George, Bunji Garlin and 3 Canal out of Trinidad and Tobago. Reggae greats such as Elephant Man, T.O.K, Tony Rebel, Buju Banton, Red Rat and Goofy, Beenie Man, General Degree, Crissy D, Lady Saw and Merciless out of Jamaica.
X-plosion is the only band to perform for the opening of St. Maartens’ summer fest /Soca Night, alongside Kevin Little, Mighty Arrow, The Ban from Antigua, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer.

The band presently has 7 albums on the market, namely: (1) Pirates, (2) Dirty Flex (3) Rocking Time (4) Unshackle (5) Pick Up the Pace (6) The Core (7) Brush Dem. These albums have the same potential or more than their previously released album Dirty Flex.

The band was honored to play for 4th of July celebrations in New York with some other bands from Trinidad at the New Roller Rink Disco. Anyone who missed this show missed the sold-out performance in front of thousands of screaming fans.
In the year 2001, the band got the surprise of their lives when they were nominated as one of the islands’ top 20 artists in the last decade in the book titled “St. Maartens’ Massive, A snapshot of popular artists from the house of Nehesi Publishers. The surprise got even bigger when they won 3rd place overall among the artists of the island and #1 in the band category.

Islands and countries where the band has performed include: Trinidad, Barbados, Dominica, St. Eustatius, Saba, Anguilla, St. Barths, Aruba, New York, Boston, Miami, Belgium and Holland.

This year ( 2015 ) the band will be celebrating it’s 24th Anniversary !

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him – the people who give you their food give you their heart.”

– Cesar Chavez



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