Who is Fred York and what role do you play in Badd Boyz Band?

I’m a musician that’s lucky enough to play the drums for a living. My role with Badd Boyz has been more or less the same as what it was years ago: co-founder, drummer, producer, songwriter, music director, composer… and it seems like I’m the band leader for this upcoming event.

What is your favourite Badd Boyz song? And why?

Can I choose two? 1: SWING DI AXE – This was my first song that worked. I was still in MPC and I think this was the song that got Badd Boyz some local mainstream recognition. I think we won Band of the Year that year; I’m not 100% sure. What I fondly remember were my high school teachers jamming behind the band that year and then the following day they gave me “straf middag” for coming to school late. 2: CY’A WAIT – There’s so much to say about this song. It helped Badd Boyz to travel internationally; it was a song that we produced totally; it made us popular! My favourite memory of that song would be seeing my dad on J’ouvert Morning with this proud face looking on.

Back then, when a foreign band came to play on the island, it was a given that they would have the largest crowd, but – man oh man! – we not only held our own, we represented SXM big time! Lasana Sekou wrote an article that summarized that J’ouvert Morning – the entire island was Badd Boyz island that year. But the look on my father’s face is what stood out the most. The reason was because he didn’t really believe we could do it. My mom was the one who had faith in us from day one, so it made me super proud to prove her right; but also to turn my father into a true fan, which he is up to today. He believes in the Badd Boyz.

“Somebody Scream.”

– Badd Boyz Band


Badd Boyz – Earl “Churchie” York, Vernon “Feva” Verwoord, Rudolf “Shy Guy” Nicholson, Kelvin “Crugar” Demming and myself Fred York. We have added Erno “Grand Prime” York to the group

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